Jeff Archer - Destin, Florida


Jeff Archer is the founder of YOLO Boards and YOLO Bikes. Jeff is always on the move and always traveling to find new adventures. He made a custom van to sleep in while he is on the road. He enjoys the simple living that comes with traveling. He has a small dog named Flea who goes everywhere with Jeff. She rides on the paddle boards, hikes the trails, and just about everything else Jeff does. Of course, to keep the adventures rolling, Jeff needs lots of fuel and uses The Java Can to do just that. Jeff enjoys being able to easily make coffee anywhere on the road, the water, or on the trails. It's people like Jeff that keep us at The Java Can inspired to keep doing what we're doing. Check out YOLO boards and bikes and be sure to submit your Java Can stories for a chance to win gear and be featured on the website! 


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